• What age groups are eligible for help?  Our initial agreement with the Greenville Police Department is for ages 16-26, to the extent allowed by law. Legally there are restrictions on them providing names to us as partners, But we accept referrals from anywhere with no restrictions. We do not guarantee that we can serve any issue, but our goal is to be a link to services for all of our population.
  • Does the Westgate only accept referrals from Greenville Police?  No. This is our initial agreement, but we are glad to accept referrals from anyone in our community. The West Greenville community is simply the home base of operations to an initiative that has the potential to expand into every portion of our city and our nation.
  • Are privacy rights being violated by the Greenville Police Department providing names to the Westgate? No. The names of arrests are considered public information. Technically we could obtain these names on our own, Our goal was to begin building a direct partnership between our community and the police officers that serve it, positioning them as community outreach to help us identify young adults who may have fallen through the cracks. By allowing our local police to fill this role, we allow them to build direct community relations into their formal operations, so that we can support them in supporting our community together.
  • Is “West Greenville” a distinction that excludes other communities from being helped by this initiative?  No. The West Greenville area, as far as police zones, is pretty large. It spans from areas north of the river all the way to Arlington Blvd. The area is reflected by the blue section in the map that is showcased on the front page header on this website. It can also be viewed by visiting the Greenville Police Department’s website, which can be accessed from our page link “GPD Crime Date (GPD Website)”. This is found by scrolling over the”Community Policing” Page on our Home Page.

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