Community Policing

Why was community policing chosen as the crux of development? After a review of the vast number of service agencies assigned to any community, no agency is found that employs sufficient manpower to perform daily outreach in any area. Police are deployed often and in large numbers to work in distressed areas, and more specifically trained to identify young people falling through the cracks. Making policing the outreach arm of a community would require no new agency hires and no additional payroll in serving a community. There would only need to be some modification to the expectation of police service and some reorganizing of community support services applied to the formula, and a police deploy could serve as true outreach for a community in need, and still be positioned to deal with any escalation that might arise. They would do what they’ve always done, just with some help from some very intentional partners – The Westgate Community Coalition. Policing is already undergoing a face lift and moving towards community policing, making the opportunity prime.